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The need for sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural inputs is growing as more people have become sensitive to the needs of the environment and human health. This is where Vision Mark Biotech comes in- as a manufacturer and supplier of bio-based agricultural products. We are dedicated to offering farmers efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions that aid in enhancing crop health and output. Since 2010, we have been offering Bio Pesticides, Bio Fungicides, Agri Nano Fertilizers, Natural Brassinolide, etc. Our products are designed to work in harmony with nature and provide excellent results when used. We rely on our quality control unit to uphold strict quality norms, as per which we also test formulated products against various parameters.

To ensure that our products satisfy the highest standards of quality and purity, we use cutting-edge machinery and manufacturing techniques at our facilities. Our raw materials come from reliable vendors who support our commitment to environmental responsibility and moral behavior. Our skilled team of scientists and technicians puts in countless hours to create goods that cater to the changing demands of farmers and the environment.

Our Journey

  • 2012: After 2012, which was a challenging and demanding year for market understanding, we moved into 2013, where we witnessed a modest but steady increase in market share.
  • 2014: We started selling B2B Agro inputs, and after we gained a small market share in West India, we began diversifying and looking into other markets.
  • 2016: We created Agricultural Inputs based on Nanotechnology, meeting the needs for more than 200 marketing partners throughout India.
  • 2018: We diversified into the production of chemicals for aquaculture, and began producing aquaculture chemicals, such as probiotic feed additives and aqua disinfectants.
  • 2020: We sold 30 MT of the silicon-based spreader Green-Stick, exceeding our sales goals.

Our Team

Our company is backed by a  highly skilled & dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about creating innovative & sustainable bio-based agricultural inputs. Our team is made up of professionals from fields like biology, chemistry, agriculture, and engineering. These team members work in a coordinated manner to make sure that our organizational goals are met on time. Due to their constant efforts, we are able to offer our customers the best grades of Bio Fungicides,  Agri Nano Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides, Natural Brassinolide, and many more products.

What We Do

We are a biotechnology company founded by first-generation bio entrepreneurs, dedicated to producing eco-friendly biotechnology products to serve the Indian industry. It is our commitment to improve our products and meet the demands of our customers that has set us apart from our rivals today. At our organization, values go beyond just words. These are put into practice through our passion for honesty, reliability, and respect for one another. These principles direct our everyday operations.

Vision & Mission

By leveraging the advantages of current research and development, we intend to work hard and facilitate the accessibility of sophisticated technologies for clients. This strategy enables us to provide world-class quality products and achieve complete client satisfaction.

Quality Policy

At Vision Mark Biotech, we are dedicated to providing our customers with products of the highest quality and safety. Hence, we have developed a sophisticated quality control unit where experts supervise the raw material selection process, and the manufacturing and product testing processes. 

Research & Development

It is our mission to seek out and create top-of-the-line products that offer unparalleled advantages to customers. With extensive expertise in both technology and science, we have the ability to develop revolutionary products that are also economically viable. With the help of our research division, we constantly develop innovative biotech solutions, and push the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.

Few of the principle domains on which we are currently working on are:

  • Biological pesticides and fungicides
  • Products for animal feed, such as probiotic additions for cattle feed
  • Various enzymes for use in the food, dairy, leather, pharmaceutical, and brewing industries 
  • Nutritive and health goods made from algae
  • Bio solutions for the treatment of various industrial effluents
  • Microbial Culture Depository that supports research and development in the life sciences and  related domains
  • Human probiotics and other pharmaceutical preparations

Sonai Building, SN-92, Vittalwadi, At Post Dehugoan, Tal-Haveli, Dist- Pune,Pune - 412109, Maharashtra, India
Phone :08069426623
Mr Nilesh K Purane (Proprietor)
Mobile :08069426623